Tax Planning

All taxpayers can benefit from strategic tax planning measures to lessen his or her taxes. At my firm our team of CPAs and Attorney's have over 30+ years in helping clients maximize tax savings through a variety of measures.

Tax Planning for Individuals and Wealth Management Strategies

  • Building your wealth and protecting it through generations is important to you, and to us. Every client is unique, therefore it is important that we work with you to customize your wealth management plan to meet your personal, business, and family goals. My firm is more than capable of helping you preserve and grow your wealth through objectively and carefully considered investment strategies, estate and gift planning, charitable giving, personal tax preparation, and business succession planning.

Tax Planning for Small and Growing Businesses

  • Navigating the regulatory waters for small businesses can be extremely difficult. My firm has a proven track record of providing business and tax planning to help your business grow and reach its maximum potential. The government taxes businesses differently depending on the form your business takes, whether your company is Partnership or a Corporation, our team has the experience to advise you on how best to structure your business.

Tax Planning for Non-US individuals or Corporations

  • The United States government taxes foreign individuals and corporations under a complex set of rules set forth in the Internal Revenue Code. My firm routinely works with Non-US Individuals and entities strategically invest in the United States minimizing tax liability while maximizing the potential for profit.
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